A New Generation of Bathrobes

Save Money

Save Earth

Save Detergent

Save Water

What is Pesh?

Imagine a bathrobe, but not a usual one. ​This one is “not” made of towel. The most ancient, natural fibre in the world is used. That’s to say; Good old cotton! This earth loving  fabric is light and elegant, ​

Yet it absorbs water as fast as a towel, But  without getting heavier like a thick, huge bathrobe. And it dries faster than towel, Imagine a bathrobe amazingly light to be carried easily,

Without paying excess luggage fees on your flights, it needs only a tiny place in your suitcases. ​

Very smart and colorful at the same time. Used as an homewear to remind your comfort and luxury. Something on the beach to dry instantly, Something handy out of your sportsbag, To make you feel special and precious.

And Your Precious ones would like to receive as a gift or something to take off quickly in your private moments. 

This bathrobe is PESH.

* You can wash 3 to 8 Pesh bathrobes instead of one towel bathrobe.