Why Pesh bathrobe?

Our routine way of life is destroying the balance of nature around us. It seems that, we started using synthetic fibers more and more, because they are cheaper and more reachable. 

Did you notice that reaching 100 % natural products is getting more difficult and expensive each day? First of all, Pesh is made of cotton, which is the most ancient natural product on earth.

Your skin can breathe easily in a cotton bathrobe. It dries so quickly unlike of towel bathrobes under fungi invasion. More hygienic compared to towels and bathrobes.
We should all look for ways of improving the conditions in natural environment , but how?

Time is the most  precious value in our lives. Energy is a very expensive input. The most efficient way of protecting our planet from climate changes and global warming is to use “less energy”. Detergants are well known to be harmful to environment. 

Now let’s think : You can wash 3 to 8 Pesh bathrobes  instead of a regular towel bathrobe. It keeps the place of a nightgown or a men’s t-shirt in a washing machine. It will be dried very quickly. Thus, you can save from time, energy and detergant at the same time. Your Pesh will help you to become a friend of earth just by using it, without any further effort. Let’s take care of our good old planet.